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Buying a horse from Broken Spoke Sable is a win/win situation.  Along with the purchase of your new horse comes 2 free riding/ground work lessons.  You also have the opportunity to board your horse for one month at a cost of $200.00 so you can use our facility to "try out" your new horse before taking him home.  Our training staff is always on hand to help you and answer any questions.  We want to make certain that you and your new horse are a perfect match and we promise to go that extra mile to insure your satisfaction.


                                                           For Sale

We are pleased to announce that Prairie Hill Ewowyn has been SOLD! She will be heading to New Hampshire to be loved and owned by Marion Hardy! Congratulations on your purchase and we know you will love her as much as we do!

  Prairie Hill Eowyn
4 Year old registered palomino Morgan mare, standing 15.1hh

     If you only have one horse, this is the one to own. Eowyn has been in training for the past two years and have excelled at every challenge we put before her. She has a good mind, is athletic, curious and has everything we asked… even when we had to take her to a roping a clinic because our Quarter horse had a injury and couldn't go that weekend. She is a safe, trustworthy mare who has perfect forward Morgan motion. She excels at ground work, escpecially circle driving and c-patterns where she flows right along with you like a dance partner, executing beautiful changes of direction.

     Much attention has been given to her nutrition to ensure that she has grown and developed to the best of her ability. She gets along well with other horses, comes running to the gate when you call for her, great for the farrier and can stand tied for hours. This mare loves to work and has a heart to please. I purchased her as a two year old specificially to train and resell and I can tell you that letting her go will not be easy. She knows how to find that spot in your heart and her animated dark eyes outlined with those blonde eye lashes make her a real beauty.

    If you are looking for a horse who has multiple abilities and could go in any direction you desire to go plus safely take you out on the trail; a horse that is flashy, has never bucked under saddle-not once. A horse that has never been hand fed treats and respects your space. A horse whose training was slow and steady, then consider this your invitation to purchase a lifelong companion, a horse who is certainly not average!!!


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Here at Broken Spoke Stable we strive to help horse owners. Here are some of our videos to help you with your horses at home!