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I didn’t start out to be a trainer nor did I expect I would ever evolve into one.  As a matter of fact I spent years being a fearful, timid horse owner.  After hours and hours of watching training videos that made working with horses look so easy, I decided to give it a try for myself.  I feel very fortunate to even be writing this today because my first round pen experience was nearly my last.  The clinician in the video failed to tell me what to do in the event that I step in front of my horse to change her direction and instead of obediently turning; she suddenly stops and comes right at me with a killer look in her eyes.  There I stood, frozen in fear, clenching the lunge whip that I eventually used to strike her across the chest, causing her to rear…which I took as my cue to run.  Spiderman would have been proud of the way I scaled that wooden fence.


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With my hands full of splinters, my heart in my throat, my horse bucking around, flipping her head up and down, daring me to come back in; I was faced with the enormous dilemma of how to get her out of that round pen and back to the barn.

That was the beginning of me learning what not to do and the beginning of learning a new respect for horses and just how dangerous this sport can be if you don’t know correct body language and how to properly ask the horse to do what you want it to.

That’s why with every horse we train here at Broken Spoke Stable we also train the owner.  It does no good for us to hand you a finished product with no instructions.  We want you to succeed and we will show you how to continue working your horse once you take him home.  My trained staff and I are always available to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter once you leave our facility.   Honestly, your success is our success and word of mouth continues to be our best source of advertisement.  Don’t let others tell you there is some magical secret involved in training.  If you have knowledge (which we want to equip you with) and are dedicated to consistently working your horse at home (this part comes from you) then you and your horse will enter a whole new relationship
I believe that horses are one of God’s greatest creations, a mirror to our own soul.  I consider it a privilege for a horse to allow me to climb up on his back.  I never take for granted the power that is within them….which is why it is vital for every person, before they ever put their foot in the stirrup, to know how to get their horse thinking instead of reacting!  You first learn this on the ground and take it with you up in the saddle.  Ground work is the key to successful horsemanship! 

We welcome the opportunity to train your horse and don’t be surprised if you find us to be a little different than other trainers.  We are passionate about what we do and I and the young women who are on my training team are driven to produce well trained horses and informed owners so you can enjoy many years to come with your equine partner.  I tell everyone, “If you have a lead line in your hand with a horse on the end of it, one of you will be the trainer. Better it be the human then the horse.”

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