It was with much trepidation that I had to find a boarding facility for my Quarter horse, Tulsa, as I was making a move from No. Virginia to Western  MD. I have always maintained my own horses, either at an equine facility that I managed or at my own place. Turning over his care to someone I had limited knowledge of was a gigantic leap of faith for me.

My horse wasn’t exactly an easy fit for just anywhere. He was now a gelding but had been used as a breeding stallion for a few years. He was sort of a social misfit in being able to be turned out with other horses since he though he should rule his world. The first boarding facility I chose was a huge disaster all around and I needed to move my boy out of there sooner rather than later. I contacted Tammy at Broken Spoke to inquire about bringing Tulsa there and if we could come to appropriate accomodations for my big ego equine.

I was delightfully surprised not only when I met Tammy, but with Broken Spokes entire operation.  Tammy spoke with me at length as we toured the facilities and I gave her the low down on my horse’s needs. She felt she could work around any problem that might arise and offered several solutions for turning Tulsa out with other horses. I felt comfortable as I set up a day to move him there and very excited that I had found a perfect situation for my horse.

I can’t even begin to express how perfect Broken Spoke was for Tulsa and me. If it wasn’t for Tammy’s acute awareness and observation of each horse’s individual personalities, I might not have my beloved horse today. Tulsa developed a nephrospleenic entrapment colic, which is uncommon. If Tammy had not known that Tulsa’s behavior out in the field wasn’t usual for him, it may have been much worse than it was.

She contacted me immediately after she had made an emergency vet call while her barn crew took turns keeping Tulsa on his feet. The seriousness of the colic entailed a two hour trailer trip to the closest equine vet clinic and of course, this happened towards evening feeding. Without question, Tammy and another wonderful boarder there hooked up her gooseneck rig and drove Tulsa and me to the clinic. It was a very long, late evening that thankfully ended on a good note. Tulsa had two other less serious bouts of colic that were caught right away simply because they know each horse’s mannerisms inside and out.

 I just can’t sing praises highly enough for Tammy and Broken Spoke Stable’s whole operation. The facility is top notch. Both indoor and outdoor arenas are maintained to perfection, farrier and vet services are scheduled on a regular basis, their hay is home grown with great care and the boarders are a fun group of folks to hang with. Tammy organizes group trail rides, various riding/training clinics and also has lecturers come in to discuss equine nutrition and health care.

I am very sad to say that I ended up moving back to No. Virginia for work related reasons, but I know I made good friends for life and so did my horse.

-Cathy A. Choyce  –  Purcellville, VA


 If you want to introduce a child to horses in a gentle, caring way, you will find Tammy Mattingly is a teacher with  that special touch.  Our 6-year old granddaughter wanted to learn how to ride a horse when she came to visit us for a week this summer.  Each day we went to Broken Spoke Stable was a new adventure for her.  She learned how to groom a horse, how to tack it up, how to use her body to signal the horse to move and turn and stop, and how to hold the reins properly – such a good foundation for wherever this interest takes her in the future.  Tammy made her feel safe and confident, gave her the experience of riding in a ring indoors and out, and led her on brief trail rides around the property to have the fun of riding outdoors.  A great experience!

-Pat Michener


 We had the pleasure of boarding with Tammy at Broken Spoke Stables just outside of Oakland, MD for over a year.  We moved to Tammy’s late fall after my horse had a serious hoof injury which needed daily wound care.  With the help of Tammy, John and their caring staff, good veterinary care, my horse fully recovered.  We were back in the saddle by spring with no signs of injury.

Tammy Mattingly is a very honest and caring individual.  She has a great love of horses and gives herself in creating a warm and hospitable place for both horses and riders.  You can see from their clean, well maintained facility that it reflects her care.  Not only is her stabling well maintained, her riding areas, indoor and outdoor arenas are groomed, lawns are manicured, and paths are laid out along her ninety acres of riding trails.  It is located in a picturesque setting through rolling farmland shadowed by Backbone Mountain.

Riders can work and train their horses all year long, take lessons from experienced instructors in a variety of disciplines including horsemanship, hunter/jumper, dressage or western riding.  It is also a peaceful, beautiful place where you would enjoy bringing family or friends for a visit.

Her horse care provides daily feedings, clean spring fed water, daily turn-out and surveillance of your horse.  Shelter is provided whether your horse is turned out full time or you have opted for indoor stabling.  Boarded horses are wormed, vaccinated and weighted in keeping with her equine care program.  Her experienced staff are trained and well versed in dealing with a variety of horses. 

Tammy has offered clinics, trail rides, lessons and has participated in local parades and shows.  She also provides trailering services for horses to and from shows, events or to veterinary facilities as needed.  You can count on her to be there for all your equine needs.

After making many friends and finding a nice place to board my horse close to home, I was sad to leave her facility when we moved out of the state.  I have some great memories of Broken Spoke and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in horses. 

-Sandy & Larry, Payson, AZ


   My horse spent the winter at Broken Spoke Stable so that she could continue to be worked during the bad weather.  She is an alpha mare and doesn’t play well with others.  Tammy and her staff were excellent with her and provided a safe environment which allowed her to have outside time as the weather permitted.  The indoor arena has excellent footing and we were able to continue training throughout the winter months.  We had a very positive experience at Broken Spoke and would recommend it to others. 

-Corbonnet and Jeri Jones