Not just a boarding stable; it’s our

About Us


My name is Tammy Mattingly, I’m the owner/manager of Broken Spoke Stable and as far back as I can remember I had always yearned for a horse.  Living on a dairy farm my dad would frequently remind me that horses and Holsteins didn’t mix.  I  had the opportunity to ride a friends horse a few times during my teenager years and that was all it took for me to know that someday I would have a horse of my own.

Years passed and still the yearning lingered.  At age 39 my husband totally surprised me on Christmas morning with the most gorgeous Palomino Quarter Horse ever to walk upon the earth.  His name was Brick and it was love at first site; with only one small problem. I had no idea, what so ever what to do with him, how to handle him, or even how to lead him.  I actually slammed the stall door shut on his face upon our very first meeting and in that very moment he taught me just how forgiving horses are.

This new adventure wasn’t easy, I had a lot to learn.  I wanted to ride him so badly but I didn’t even know how to put a saddle on.  A lot of good hearted people at the stable where I was boarding had all sorts of suggestions and instruction for me, so much in fact that my head was spinning.  Of all the advice that I was given the most useful came from a quiet woman who walked over to me and  suggested that the best thing I could do for myself and my horse was to find a good riding instructor who could teach me correctly and that is exactly what I did….so the journey began.

I never imagined that owning one horse would some day lead to owning my own boarding stable and caring for nearly 40+ horses every day.  Someone once said that if you love your job then you’re blessed….well I count myself blessed because my job and my passion are one in the same.

I wanted to create a place where everyone from young to old who ever dreamed of owning a horse but didn’t have a place to keep it, could board with us for an affordable cost.  Our stable is a place to come and get away from all the cares of life and just relax and enjoy your best equine friend.  The very first thing I do every morning is look out all my windows and do a head count and make sure all the horses are accounted for.  I consider it a privilege to care for the horses who call my stable home.  Some say that home is where your heart is but I say that home is where your horse is and that is the place where I want to be.

Please consider this my invitation to you to come and check us out, see what we have to offer, get to meet us or just stop out to rub your hands down the neck of one of God’s most finest creations.  If you can’t find us then we most likely are out riding the back 40 and will be back by sunset.


Our Mission

To provide affordable boarding in a clean, safe, professional atmosphere where our boarders can come and enjoy their horse and our facility in a non stressful environment.  We encourage each boarder to be proactive with their horse, but during those times when they can’t; we are here to provide exceptional,  affectionate care to every horse that calls our stable home.  We believe that horses thrive better when allowed to be outdoors as weather permits.  We are passionate about the responsibility of caring for your horse and we put their health and well being above all else.  We understand the financial and emotional investment that is involved in horse ownership….we know this because we are horse owners ourselves.  We want you to feel at home at our facility and we are grateful for the trust you have placed in us.