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Stop Nagging

March 1st, 2011 by admin

Something I see nearly every time I watch someone work their horse in a round pen or on a long lung line is the constant nagging of the horse when he is already doing what you've asked him to do.

  Example:  You've asked your horse to step into the trot by raising your lung whip or what ever device you are using to create energy.  He obeys and steps off trotting but you continue to raise and lower the whip to keep him going.  STOP!  If he has done what you've ask him to do then leave him alone and don't keep "getting after him".  If he chooses to break stride and go to the walk then make your correction immediately until he goes back to the trot, then lower the tip of your whip to the ground and leave it there until he breaks stride again.  This will teach him that the only time he gets corrected is when he makes the mistake.  You will amazed how much more effective your round pen  work will pay off if done correctly.  You need not nag to get good results!